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The Conifer Strategy

Exceptional Engineering Precision implementation

Boreas is a cryogenic storage monitor. Providing safety and insight for cryogenic labs all over the world.
Conifer provides fractional COO & CTO services for Boreas. Together we built an IoT cryogenic storage monitoring system with customer hardware, software, and cellular communication. 

Respell is an AI automation tool giving millions of users access to cutting edge AI without needing to label data, train models, or interact with APIs. Simple, fast, and extremely powerful Respell gives users the ability to create complex workflows in minutes.
Conifer provides fractional CTO services for Respell helping architect and build their cutting edge product. Respell utilizes Typescript, AWS, and just about every AI tool on the market.  

Lunar Outpost's mission is to create the technology necessary to extend humanities permanent presence to the moon and beyond. In parallel to expanding humanities horizons, Lunar Outpost aims to commercialize their novel technology to improve life here on earth. 
Conifer provided fractional Program Management services for Lunar Outpost and worked closely with their commercial devision to develop go to market and product deployment strategies. 

SonoVoice is developing a voice evaluation and voice training tools with speech-language pathology applications. Conifer supported the company's R&D efforts by providing fractional product development and CTO services focused on hardware, software, and data science. Conifer also contributed to SonoVoice's NSF grant application. SonoVoice's patent pending technology was originally developed by researchers at Duke University and NC State University. 

Prototyping, Production Scaling, Fractional CTO services 

Listening is an AI powered text to speech tool specializing in academic papers and complex subject matter. Listening uses AI to read text with rich context, and AI speech keeping the content engaging. Listening has powered thousands of listeners through their PhD thesis and beyond. 
Conifer provided fractional CTO services and revenue cycle optimization for the mobile and desktop application

Modke (Pre - Launch)

Modke is a joystick modification for any standard keyboard and windows computer. Modke, was custom designed for professional FPS gamers. Designed for high speed and ultra low latency, the joystick modification  can dramatically increase a player's movement and camera pan speed allowing for higher level competitive play instantly.
Conifer created the web utility to calibrate and demonstrate the joystick as well as the hardware to PC communications and software layer. Conifer also worked with the founder of Modke to ensure the hardware design and manufacture was efficient and cost affective 

Prototyping, Production Scaling, Fractional CTO services 

Conifer Expertise 

Hardware, Software, Data

The Conifer staff understands that the solution is rarely behind a single framework or tool. As such we focus on the best tools availible for the job. Drawing from a wide range of industry experience and encouraged to experiment in our free time we can operate in any stack and any environment.  

The software team at Conifer has direct, production experience with web applications, mobile applications, data infrastructure, cloud environments, dev ops, CI/CD, and highly secure environments. 

In addition to software products the Conifer team has directly contributed to many AI and ML projects and has expert data scientists on staff 


The Conifer team brings over two decades of combined hardware experience to the table.  Whether you are looking to design a PCB from scratch or develop a production system for thousands of units a month the Conifer team has experience with your problem. 

Specializing in mission critical, IoT, and medical device hardware. The team at Conifer has direct experience in the aerospace, medical device, energy, robotics, and automotive industries. 


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